Transforming Aerospace and Defense

Gambit Space & Defense engineers and designs revolutionary space and mission paradigms. Our expert team of aerospace professionals has the knowledge and understanding necessary to optimize architectures that accelerate schedule, enable continuous optimum performance and provide life cycle cost reduction. We use a unique and innovative approach to develop resilient, competitive models that stay ahead of requirement shifts. And as a subsidiary of Strategic Capture, a leading provider of veteran aerospace consulting support, Gambit can help customers create complete project teams quickly.

Disruptive Space Systems

Gambit is developing revolutionary approaches to space system design and development. These disruptive approaches enhance resiliency for national security missions while allowing commercial customers to stay at the forefront of market needs.

Advanced RF Missions

Gambit’s unique RF payloads take advantage of new platform developments in space, near space (balloons) and airborne environments. These missions and architecture solutions address problems associated with challenging high priority target systems.

Revolutionary Space Architectures

Applying the cubesat satellite design model to larger and more exquisite systems, Gambit is developing scalable approaches for future constellations. These satellites become affordable nodal elements of constellations operating as a single network.

Veteran Aerospace Experts

When it is time to execute an archetype, having a knowledgeable project team is essential. As a subsidiary of Strategic Capture, a leading provider of veteran aerospace consulting support, Gambit has access to qualified professionals ready to execute new space and mission paradigms.

Our Team

Gambit is committed to being an advanced resource for aerospace and defense contracting companies. Our leadership consists of seasoned professionals with a wide variety of experience and knowledge, making us well equipped to handle the needs of our customers.

Craig Gravelle

Craig Gravelle


Craig has worked in the aerospace industry for over 30 years supporting advanced spacecraft development. He has held executive and senior leadership positions with Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Sierra Nevada. He founded and sold Signal Research, a small business devoted to providing unique and innovative intelligence solutions for the DOD and aerospace customers.

Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson

Architect - Advanced Mission Systems

Jay has worked in the defense industry for over 40 years supporting advanced electromagnetic system design and signal/image processing. He has held chief technologist positions at General Dynamics, Comtech Aerospace and Signal Research. Recent specialization have included RF MASINT and HF systems supporting environment sensing, tagging, location and weak signal interpretation.

Greg Hegemann

Greg Hegemann

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Greg has more than 22 years of spacecraft engineering and project management experience while working with Lockheed Martin and Sierra Nevada Corporation. He has served as systems design lead on numerous programs, fielding advanced concepts supporting future space systems with a focus on leveraging emerging capabilities to meet customer mission requirements.

Kevin Odle

Kevin Odle

Architect - Revolutionary Space Systems

Kevin has been a System Architect, Chief System Engineer, system engineer, advanced development and analyst with over 39 years experience in advanced conceptual design, software simulation modeling and design, spacecraft design, build, test and operations, and system analysis on many diverse programs. A strong technical manager with the ability to accept technical or managerial challenges and provide a successful resolution utilizing team building skills.

K.C. Schwarz

K.C. Schwarz


K.C. is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and former Air Force pilot. After his first Air Force flying assignment in medical evacuation, he moved into flight test simulation and analysis, first in the Air Force, and then working for Northrop on the B-2 (Stealth) Bomber program. Since then, K.C. has founded and led several early stage companies, personally negotiating sales or mergers for many of these firms.

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